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Welcome to Pest Press powered by ServicePro! ServicePro is the leading pest control software company in the industry. We use our knowledge of pest control to offer expert tips and resources about the prominent pests of the season. 

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June Pest Prevention Tips
1. To prevent ticks, wear long sleeves and pants in wooded and brush-covered areas.
2. To prevent fleas, vacuum carpeted areas often, especially if you have pets.
To prevent mosquitoes, get rid of all standing water near your home.
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Pest of the Month

PestPress Pest of the Month Kissing Bugs by ServicePro Pest Control SoftwarePucker Up for Kissing Bugs!

Kissing bugs may sound cute, but truthfully they are the creepy-crawly bloodsuckers you didn’t know existed.  Seal up openings in your home to prevent their unloving bite.

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Infographic Showcase
Protect your Home from Termites & Learn Termite Prevention and Control - Pest Press by ServicePro

Blog Showcase

Termite Trauma

“The first step to preventing a termite infestation is removing all excess wood and paper from around your home. Termites could quickly move from nearby firewood, paper or debris to the wooden structure of your home. Why snack when you could feast? Many termite colonies also love damp, dark spaces. This makes water homeowner enemy number two. Take steps to remove any standing water from around your home, especially near the foundation. Most importantly, remove and replace any damp wood (a true termite delicacy) from around your space.”

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